Since 28 December 2010, UAB “Užraktas“ has implemented a quality management systemin accordance with the requirements of the standardLST EN ISO 9001:2008. Since 2017, the quality management system operates in accordance with LST EN ISO 9001:2015 as a new standard. The certificate testifies that the company’s activities in the field of quality meet the requirements of international standards.We regularly monitor the quality of our products and production processes. By taking responsibility for the actions we take, we commit:

- To comply withthe purpose and context of the organization and maintain its strategic direction.

- To explain the company’s quality policy to other interested parties (customers, suppliers).

- To ensure the quality of service delivery that meets the needs of stakeholders.

- To implement advanced production technologies, to improve technological processes.

- To pay great attention to production planning, quality control of production processes and products.

- To continuously increase the company‘s collective competence by implementing a targeted, well-stocked staff training program and to maximize the contribution of each employee to the overall result.

- To maintain relations with customers, suppliers and partners based on the principles of long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation, respect and equity.

- To strive to be a priority partner to analyze and monitor key process indicators that are important for customer care.

- The company undertakes to continuously improve the company's quality management system, conforming to the standard of LST EN ISO 9001: 2015, and to increase its efficiency.




Since 19 February 2018, UAB “Užraktas“ has implemented an environmental protection management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard LST EN ISO 14001:2015.Environmental protection policy is an integral part of the business strategy of UAB “Užraktas“. The constant focus on the surrounding environment is one of the core values of UAB “UŽRAKTAS”.We regularly monitor the quality of our products, production processes and their impact on the environment. By taking responsibility for the actions we take, we commit:

- To protect the environment, including pollution prevention and other specific obligations related to the organization’s context.

 - To comply with the requirements of LST EN ISO 14001: 2015, to continuously improve the integrated environmental protection management system in order to increase the environmental protection efficiency.

 - Establish environmental objectives, tasks and programs every year, review and evaluate them during the management assessment analysis.

 - The top management undertakes to provide the necessary resources for the implementation of environmental protection policy.

 - To carry out activities in compliance with all environmental protection requirements and legislation.

 - To continuously monitor the surrounding environment, analyze it and apply preventive measures to reduce pollution.

 - To ensure proper collection, safe storage, transportation and disposal of waste generated during the company’s activities.

 - To raise the qualifications, expand knowledge of the employees and increase responsibility by organizing training and presenting environmental protection requirements and their application rules.

- To systematically analyze and understand the needs of the stakeholders of the company, to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.


Director of UAB “Užraktas“                                        Stasys Venckus