Manufacturing capabilitiesProduction: Locks, hydraulic motors, serial metal products according to orders received.

Services offered: Single orders according to customer’s specification, galvanizing.
• 4-axis milling;
• Turning with a fully controlled C axis;
• Turning with automatic bar feed;
• TIG welding;
• 3D coordinate measuring;
• Made details galvanizing;

Carried out technological processes:
• Turning;
• Milling;
• Milling-shaping;
• Grinding;
• Cutting emissions;
• Cutting;
• Manual welding;
• TIG welding;
• Welding semiautomatic;
• Round rods and profiles cutting a film cutting machines;
• Galvanizing;
• Powder coating;

The technological operations:
• Aluminum casting;
• Aluminum and metal welding;
• White (blue) Galvanized (bath size 06x06x05);
• Surface grinding;
• drilling, threading, turning, milling programmable machine;